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Cooking Tools
Nutritional Cooking


Cooking is an art, with the right blend of ingredients and love, gives immense satisfaction to both hunger and soul...

You can help us by preparing any of your delicacies at home on your convenient date.

  1. Quantity: 15-20 kids {Depending on the number of kids admitted}

  2. Since it's for our kids hygiene is our topmost priority, even if it's a simple dish, we would really appreciate it if it is healthy and hygienic.  

It can be variety of food you wish to prepare we are sure our kids would love    it...

Tell us about your dish.

Which one would you like to cook?
Would you like to join us to serve the food?


Fill up your details in the form given below.


Tell us which you are more comfortable with i.e; vegetarian or non-vegetarian.


Name the dish which you would like to prepare.


Select the date comfortable for you to cook.


Once done with the form, we would reach you shortly.

On the day selected:

  • You can join us and serve the kids your dish.

  • You can also contact us if you can't make it to the hospital, we would be pleased to provide transport for the food to reach our kids.

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